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    Hundreds of orders are available at any given time. Feel free to choose whichever ones you like.
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    Your schedule is flexible. Work whenever it is the most convenient for you.
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    Communicate in real-time with your customers directly via a live chat window. No longer do you need to submit tickets and have support act as the middleman.
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    When you bid for orders, you get to set the price on your services. We won’t limit your earnings in any way.
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    You get the opportunity to rate your clients.
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    Get paid twice a month. All major payment methods are supported.

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Exceptional writers:

ID: 7****8
425 orders
ID: 11***9
176 orders
ID: 8****7
170 orders

Advanced writers:

ID: 17**52
90 orders
ID: 37**18
117 orders
ID: 69**41
75 orders

Intermediate writers:

ID: 97***2
30 orders
ID: 22**11
22 orders
ID: 11**45
45 orders

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    You get paid twice a month via the payment system of your choice.

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Advantages we offer

Uninterrupted Workflow
The platform gets hundreds of assignments every day. Choose the ones you want to work on from a huge pool of orders.
Career Progression
Develop professionally with our flexible promotion system. There are five writer levels in total and what you earn will largely depend on your performance.
Broad Range of Subjects
More than 100 academic fields are supported by our platform.
Prompt Payments
All major payment methods are supported, and no payment is ever going to be delayed.
24/7 Support
A personal manager will help you with any queries you may have (this applies to the writing process as well as any disputes that might arise).
Help For Beginners
The functionality of our platform allows even for complete beginners to receive assignments and begin working on them immediately. Even if you don’t have sufficient statistics and ratings to back you up, you’ll still be able to get work done and earn money doing what you love.
Massive Database Of Supplementary Materials
We have a structured guidance program, and there are many reference materials we will gladly provide our writers with. You no longer have to research formatting requirements, we shall provide all relevant information ourselves.


Jason D. (Writer)
This is liberating. Nobody is forcing me to work 9-5, and I'm free to write about whichever subject I please. I can't argue with this value proposition.
Mark W. (Writer)
Pretty much ideal conditions were made for me. I am happy that I’ve found a great place to get my creative juices flowing.
John K. (Writer)
I get to broaden my knowledge on my favorite subject and earn money in the process. If that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is.
Henry U. (Writer)
Ideal for many writers looking for steady work. I've been on board for a long time, and I couldn't be happier.
Jeffrey T. (Student)
I don’t have to bother writing dull essays anymore. AuEdusson was a godsend of a service for me.
Anna V. (Student)
Neat! I constantly get surprised by the sheer skill of the staff and those quick delivery times are baffling to me.
Lilly S. (Student)
I was able to get essays even with the deadline breathing down my neck. Appreciate it.
Tim A. (Student)
These guys helped me on numerous occasions. More than happy with the price and the quality of service is unparalleled.

Simple Application Process That Is Both Quick And Transparent

AuEdusson is the platform for college students. So if you are a recent graduate, you are in good company! We currently have 579 freelancers working with us, and that number keeps rising steadily.

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We are always hiring
By clicking “Continue”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We’ll occasionally send you promo and account related emails.