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A Review Of The Services

A review is a brief evaluation of the quality of services offered by a company or an online site. Reviews are very helpful for people who need to choose a trusted provider that can offer solutions to their needs without extra hassles. People tend to trust article-reviews, hence people detail their experiences in written form. This allows them to make sure others do not have to go through the same stress or disappointment as they have. Also, it helps guide people in getting the best deal for their money.

The following review on is based on our evaluations obtained through direct interaction with the staff of the site. We’ve discussed the details below.

Our parameters include comparisons with other writing companies, as well as the standard set by ours. Using a selected username, one of our team members registered with their site and placed an order. The results will be analyzed in this myassignmenthelp review. Website

The service is primarily directed at scholars and students, helping them in different course-related tasks like proofreading, editing, rewriting and other forms of work.

How Much Is It?

Our team member tried checking out the prices. They weren’t easy to find, but when he did, it’s fair to say that the prices are satisfactory and easy to procure.

Customer Support

The customer support team is supportive and provided answers on every question asked. The response rate was a bit slow, but there was a steady line of communication.

Is It Safe?

According to the information found on the site, the following features were guaranteed:

  • Availability of Ph.D. experts.
  • Best price guarantee.
  • Availability of plagiarism-free work.
  • Timely delivery.
  • Live help around the clock.

What About Usability?

The site was well-organized and easy to use, navigation was well-detailed, and it was easy to find our way around. The interface theme was also admirable. It was easy to find what we needed within a minute of opening the homepage.


The writers all hold excellent qualifications. Their years of expertise is well-reflected in their being doctorate candidates and the number of essays worked on was listed beside their names. In this respect, we would say we were able to glean enough information about the writers working with myassignmenthelp.


When we placed the order, it came quite early and we had time to access the content. The writer who did this particular job was very detailed and explained the concept properly. The only glitch we had was the structure of the essay. The order was for an undergraduate essay but turned out looking like it was created for a high school project. Other details like spelling and grammar turned out positively.                             


The payment options were secure. It is important to note that this was a strong point for them since their clients are found virtually in all parts of the world.


When it comes to people’s choice, myassignmenthelp reviews has one of the highest positive numbers on the home site. A quick search online for preferred services to “do my assignment” revealed that there was a number of positive reviews by other sites but the amount was not as prominent as the number of reviews on the home page.

What Are Their Disadvantages?

Our team member was not able to find any information regarding whether they were engaged in such activities.


The following advantages were seen:

  • The service is 100% global, it has an extremely wide reach
  • There is adequate information on the writers and their capabilities.
  • There is an allowance for one to work directly with a writer.


  • The consistency of the reviews on the site compared to a quick scan of internet reviews did not match.
  • The slow speed of communication with support staff.
  • A likely chance to use wrong formats for ordered essays.

Is It Legal?

From the information we gathered, it’s safe to say that the service is legit, however, there are noticeable loopholes that need to be addressed. Otherwise their ratings will drop even further.

After carefully reviewing all factors involved, we would not recommend using this service for essay orders as the risks outweigh the benefits. We recommend as a more preferable alternative