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Academicwriting.com.au review: A Quick Overview

Today many sites offer writing-related services that it is sometimes difficult to spot out the authentic ones until you have made a payment. It’s almost like a game of chance and some students are not so lucky. They end up getting substandard help, no feedback, and in some cases, no refund or explanation for the disappointing services they receive.

This can be prevented if these students had access to reviews that highlight the strengths and weaknesses of well-known writing services. We look at academicwriting.com.au and tell you whether it is worth the money.

Academicwriting, like its name implies, is a writing service dedicated to serving students from high school to the tertiary level. It has been on the market for a few years and has received a number of reviews over the years. We look at a few aspects of the site to understand its competency.

The parameters used in reviewing the site are based on a mystery shopper model where one of our team approached the site as a customer to place an order.. The relevant points found are the basis of the academic writing review below.

Is This Service Affordable?

From the information provided, the prices are manageable, with the cheapest price tag found for a high school essay that is ordered two weeks before the submission deadline.

Customer Support

Our reviewer was able to get in touch with the customer service representatives and described them as friendly and willing to answer most questions concerning services. Our reviewer was able to find out  they provide 24/7 support and are available most times of the day, except small technical breaks like a shift change.


The site is relatively easy to navigate. We were particularly pleased with the neat arrangement of the navigation bars on the left side of the home page. The site is quite organized.


Our reviewer wasn’t able to find any direct information on the writers or their qualifications. Also, he noted the only information given on the writers was in the feature description and nowhere else.

Guarantees and Safety

The home page had a part where safety-related measures were clearly stated. They included:

  • Full confidentiality
  • Guaranteed 100% plagiarism-free content
  • The absence of any hidden charges

Based on these features, the site can be perceived as safe.


The order was based on a high-school assignment. It was delivered on time and had good quality. There were some hidden mistakes in the introductory and closing paragraphs. Also, we noted some minor misses like ‘speak’ instead of ‘speaks’. Quite irrelevant for a high school essay, but could be critical for advanced writing.

How To Pay At Academicwriting.com.au?

Academicwriting has a host of payment options available, so it wasn’t difficult to make the required payment when prompted.


We chose to conduct a secondary search to see how this service ranked with different sets of people both in the host country (Australia) and globally. When asked “Should I consider this services to write my research paper?” we discovered they ranked very low in comparison to many other similar sites. This tells us there is little trust exhibited towards this website.

A number of the reviews pointed to the low quality of essays, unclear approach towards the customers and a few other details that suggested to our reviewer that all might not be pristine with the service.

Is It Related To Fraud activity?

We were able to find some indicators that pointed to the use of fake pictures to promote their services. However, the details weren’t precise enough to pinpoint this claim as the truth.


  • Easy navigation
  • Understanding what you will be paying
  • Highly friendly support staff


  • There is no clear description of who their writers are. They may as well be high school students posing as doctorate candidates. No pictures, no specifications or other details.
  • Lack of tangible positive reviews from previous users.
  • There is a tendency towards a poor quality of essays if we are to also consider the one that our team member ordered.

How legit is academicwriting?

Based on our assertions, they are close to being considered a scam. They could, however, change the perspective by stepping up their game.

At the moment we don’t recommend using. The scam-like components are too weighty to ignore and customers are better off without unnecessary disappointment. Using other options like au.edusson.com is highly recommended.